The Algorithms of life - Guided morning journal

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The Algorithms of life journal , your guided morning journal. 

Crafted as an elegant, classic, table book with the intellect as a journal it's both Interior with intention and a simple yet powerful tool that according to research may:
  • Lower stress
  • Set & reach goals
  • Increase focus & motivation
  • Enhance mental & physical health
With a written introduction it's built on: 
  • Gratitude
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization 
  • Reflection 
  • Accountability lists so you can make your days count 
Why is it travel sized? 
We believe it should be easy to bring everywhere you go. To bring to the office, to the gym, when traveling or on the go.  What is simple sticks, and we want it to be easy for you to make better choices for yourself. 

The Algorithms of life journal is not your accountability partner, but a way for you to hold yourself accountable. A tool not to necessarily track yourself but to hold yourself on track. 
Why 66 days?

Some science says it takes 66 days for us to reprogramme our subconscious mind and to let go of old habits and create new ones. That is why this journal is created for 66 days. Of course we’re hoping you’re seeing this as the start to the rest of your life since we know it’s those Daily doses of seemingly small things that add up. If you stop working out, your strength will decrease; the same goes for journaling.

Can’t you just use any journal?

Well yes, of course. But let’s be real; there’s a reason you haven’t yet established this in your Daily life. This tool can help you go from “knowing what you should do” to actually doing it. To lower your costs and increase your results on every level. Because people who feel good, do better. This is not once in a while, it’s Daily.

Product information

Organization and believe your teams wellbeing impacts your results?

We believe people who feel good create better results. Put mental health on the agenda, walk the walk, and use the scientific benefits for your team.


Premium hotel or resort and want to enhance the experience for your guests?

We believe luxury is a feeling to be felt and it requires a moment of harmony and reflection. Gift them a gift with a deeper meaning, and a feeling that will last a lifetime.



Release stress & reach your goals

It’s said that our subconscious mind controls 95 percent of our decision making and the beliefs which shape our lives. Some say the power of our subconscious is a million times greater than our conscious mind and that journaling, affirmations and visualization may be terrific tools to help take control of our lives. Scientists say daily journaling may help to:


The Algorithms of life

What if there is an algorithm to life? What if just like in social media where you get more of the content you choose to like, you get more in life of what you choose to focus on?

In a world filled of distractions we have to fill our cup first to thirst for what's actually right for us and to thrive and not just strive.

We believe in the science of what journaling, gratitude practice and Daíly reflection can do for our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and want you to experience this too.

"We believe that it is those Daily doses of seemingly small choices that add up over time and become huge things. The choice to change can happen in an instant, but changing is something you do by showing, with consistency, over time."