The Algorithms of Life

What if there is an algorithm to life? What if you get more of what you choose to focus on?

The Algorithms of life journal is not your ordinary morning journal. Crafted as an elegant table book it's both a terrific tool & interior with intention.

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We work with a few selected partners where intentions & values are matched and where we can help more people live in alignment, authentically & intentionally. Are you a premium hotel or resort, members or wellness club, boutique or a retailer interested in being a part of our mission to help more people live in fullfillment? We'd love to hear from you. Crafting a better world is something we do together.

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Premium Hotels & Resorts

Are you a premium hotel or resort and want to enhance your guests experience, help your guest see the service you bring & stay top of mind after their stay? We're happy to tell you how we can tailor this.

The Algorithms of life

Continuity is the key to any success. The Algorithms Of Life is a guided journal and contains seemingly simple tools to guide you to create more of the person you want to be and the life you want to live.


Imagine a workplace where positivity, innovation, and success flourish at every corner. Lower stress, enhance focus & increase mental health in your organization.

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Short read to long term wellbeing

Soho House Workshop series: anti-inflammatory living, biohacking & journaling

The gap between what we see on social media and what we believe ourselves to be when we hide behind our screens and screening ourselves with judgment can seem huge....

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The power of podcasts - 10 podcasts for inspiration and wellbeing

It's said that we inherit the habits of the five people we do hangout with the most. What does this mean for you? And how can you increase for growth...

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En enkel övning för att minska stress & öka mental hälsa?

Hur kan vi minska stress, öka självförtroendet och öka vår mentala hälsa? Vi lyfter en studie som visar på hur en enkel övning kan göra just det och ger dig...

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