The power of the subconscious mind

It’s said that our subconscious mind controls 95 percent of our decision making and the beliefs which shape our lives. Some say the power of our subconscious is a million times greater than our conscious mind and that journaling, affirmations and visualization may be terrific tools to help take control of our lives. Scientists say daily journaling may help to:

Who do you wanna be within 66 days?
Tomorrow is always another day, start today.



The Algorithms of Life

What if there is an algorithm to life? What if you get more of what you choose to focus on? And what if redirecting your focus through Daily practices of gratitude is a helpful tool for this?

This journal is not your accountability partner, but a way for you to hold yourself accountable. A tool not to necessarily track yourself but to hold yourself on track.

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How do you show up for yourself today?

It's not what you do once in a while, but what you choose to do Daíly.

The Algorithms of life

Continuity is the key to any success. The Algorithms Of Life is a guided journal and contains seemingly simple tools to guide you to create more of the person you want to be and the life you want to live.

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For organizations

Imagine a workplace where positivity, innovation, and success flourish at every corner. 'The Algorithms of Life' is not just a table book journal; it's a catalyst for creating a culture of excellence. Why investing in this transformative tool for your coworkers is the key to elevating your team's well-being and productivity?


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Daily Journal

Short read, long term wellbeing

Antiinflammatory saffron cake - healthy Christmas cake

Is it possible to have something antiinflammatory, sugar-, gluten- and dairy free for your cosy Christmas conversations with family and friends without having to go for water?  We have your Sunday savior...

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Att hantera stress – vägen till ett hälsosammare liv

Denna artikel är ett betalt samarbete med Funmed och innehåller en länk till deras hemsida. Använda koden Daily10 för 10 % rabatt hos Funmed.

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Autoimmunitet – vad gör man när kroppen angriper sig själv?

Jag led av otroligt mycket oro, rädsla och ångest för vad sjukdomen innebar för mig och min framtid. Jag minns att jag rensade min garderob och tänkte att jag gjorde...

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