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Soho House Workshop series: anti-inflammatory living, biohacking & journaling

The gap between what we see on social media and what we believe ourselves to be when we hide behind our screens and screening ourselves with judgment can seem huge. How can we close...

How to craft an antiinflammatory life and live in alignment with ourselves? 

Three take away tips from the workshop?

How can we be efficient with our time? - Never spend time.
Don’t spend your time, ever. If there is one currency you’ll never get back, it’s your time. Understand it’s value, your value. Choose to use it where it’s an investment. In both people and projects. Your energy is everything. 


How can we live more mindful? - Make sure to see the signs. 

In order to pay attention to the whispers of life we benefit from tuning into ourselves, reflecting on a daily basis in order for our lives to reflect more of what we do want. Because it’s seldom that the signs are not there for us to see, but that we are not there to see them and to reflect over what they are signs for. This requires us to be present and to listen to our bodies and what is happening around is, and inside of us. This is also our connection between the Daily show up routines, antiinflammatory living, gut-health and biohacking.

What is possible and how can we expand our minds? 

Until 1954 it was impossible to run a mile in less than 4 minutes. It was impossible because no one had done it, yet. Yet; Roger Bannister was bold enough to believe that it was possible to achieve.  The very same year he ran a mile in less than 4 minutes and showed the whole world that “impossible” was just about a mindset. 

The following year, several others did the same thing as Bannister, and in 2017 it was reported that almost 100 people had done the same thing. Not because the mile had shrunken, but because their minds had expanded. Expanded the belief of what was possible to achieve. This is called “The bannister effect”.

What would a four minute mile be for you? And how can you create the right mental attitude to use your brain's confirmation bias and craft your lifestyle in order to run the mile that is actually yours?

Make sure it's your mile. It'll sure feel better and you? You do deserve the best. To hack The Algorithms of life and to live in alignment with who you are and what you want more of. 


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