Organization and believe your teams wellbeing impacts your results?

What would the ROI be on a small investment in your team to help them invest in themselves on a Daily basis?  We believe successful organizations start with sustainable individuals. We also believe in the science of what journaling, gratitude, affirmations, visualizations, and Daily reflection can do for both mental and physical health, lower sick leave, higher motivation and increased focus. But we don’t believe in “time management” - we believe in “energy management” to manage tasks. Daily guided journaling is the perfect tool for this.  Set up a team challenge, put it on the agenda in your weekly meeting and stay accountable together! Dare to be proactive and do what the most successful people in the world already do. Put mental health on your agenda, walk the walk, and use the scientific benefits to help your team. This is a simple and powerful opportunity to do something new and bold.

It's so simple it sounds silly, yet so profound and powerful.

According to The Swedish Tax Agency requirements this may be a duty free gift for your co-workers. Lower price than one lunch and for sure higher ROI to feed and nurture your minds.  This might be the most “selfish” and “selfless” gift you can provide your team with since it can benefit on an individual-, team- and organizational level, and at the same time you do something, according to The World Health Organization's recommendations, for mental health and The UN’s goals (number 3).

Not sure how this could be integrated for your organization? Keep calm and let us help you tailor your solution according to your needs.

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